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Red Markers

by Gloomcatcher

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Mack thumbnail
Mack 'Here' is four minutes and five seconds of intensive therapy. I can't even begin to explain the absolute catharsis the climax of the bridge was for me. Much love to you Jessy. Favorite track: Here - Explicit.
kerrycourtneyfan thumbnail
kerrycourtneyfan I don’t know where to start. I’ve been a fan of Jessy’s for almost two decades now. He’s influenced me as a songwriter more than I can say. This Record is so beautiful. The empathy he shows through his lyrics is so powerful. He’s a wonderfully unique soul. It doesn’t need to be said, but I left Christianity a decade ago(now I just embrace spirituality without religion). Jessy’s music has remained so important to me through the years, and the spiritual elements in his writing is… Favorite track: Here - Explicit.
Liberty Hoffman
Liberty Hoffman thumbnail
Liberty Hoffman Intense beauty that will touch your heart and pull from it the most wild emotions that you might not even know you have.

"Here are beauties which pierce like swords or burn like cold iron."
- C.S. Lewis

Favorite track: Surround.
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Above 02:54
High up above, I am not coming down, When you are lost my satellite song is out there High up above, I am not coming down, When you are lost my satellite song's above
The Summit 03:34
Over the window now, Maybe it was all the ways of dreams, and electric things, Walking with you outside, Pointing to trails in the midnight sky, Me with my anxious eyes, You'd say, "You're going to find that girl, you're going to love those babies. It's going to weigh you down, but it's the place you're found in." Because all at once all your life in this life will open wide, And turn your ever horizon, And at the heart of the broken you'll find your place in the kingdom Into the arrow lands, Covered in dust with all these plans, no place to land, Watching the time run down, Or watching the time move up to speed, like hide and seek, Until I heard the news, and I walked on through, And all the walls covered in flowers -- the only lights are candles now And all at once all the eyes in this place look away, Oh and down at the poison, And look he spins in the corner, beautiful fate in reorder I wish I could've called you, I wish I could've turned all the lights in the world on, And now I'm over the window And now I guess I'll walk the whole damn way back alone
Surround 04:06
Hold your heart and hold your gun, Hold your breath you'll be someone, If your eyes don't overrun, The sounds of someone's stammered tongue, you've fallen Watch your hands shake, wash their feet, Tell the world you love the meek, Yet pretty eyes you always seek And then they say that grace is fear, you're the one who needs it, They lift you up, they set you on the alter and they creep In the shape of melodies that echo in the night, In the way you give your tired body to the heights, And in all the little place hidden in your life, they all surround you Down the flyers, drink their blood, Drive the roads and bring the floods, Floating up flight sideways arc A moments spied down on the park And all that they could ever want is there upon the road, A bruised and broken memory so they can feel alone
Misted wake to the end of your healing, You're bathed in blue watch it birth from the ceiling, Now I write these words from the fever feeling, With the flying ships over chlorine dreaming, Hold it down Chordal clouds in the clotted veins, Then make no moves when the hunger pangs Shuffled steps to the sounds of the feeding tubes, All these things at the life of a new you, until they brought you down Nobody here, nobody here knows, Nobody here, nobody here knows, They don't know nothing about the way you love, They don't know nothing about how great you are You let the time run down, You leave your work clothes out, And take the red line only, Buried the rest of your money, Nobody followed you there, Or see you take the stairs, Just stayed back and twisted your words, Or tried to fix you first, Or focused in on your worst, Or rifled through your purse, And then they left the bill for an expensive plot Until your legs gave out, And they called you lost, So then you slit your wrist in the parking lot, They're all fuckers
Follow 04:42
Low glowing light of the fall, You stood in the bright of the hallway, I'll search through the ribbons and gold, To see where you go when you're lonely I am gonna follow wherever you fly, Out into the darkness or the light, I will live forever but still it's not enough time, So I am gonna follow wherever you fly I'm watching you fixing your dress, What colors will you spin in next, You shot through the plate of my chest, I'm riding the wild of all your steps
The Engineer 03:57
Keep it in the corner of your mind, and let it sleep, The markers in the water, burning red, the side peripheries, At the time it's funny how you can't recall the times it wasn't ever beautiful Down into the gauze and through the seams he let it in, He paid it no attention cause her eyes were never ending, And a lie a person tells to wake a beauty, Is a war between the heart and terrible truth Old man walking, trying to find his way back through, To a young man talking, reaching out his hand to you, Hold me closer, watch until the sun turns blue, Then I'll be an old man walking, trying to find his way back through Trace the outer edges of a coaster nobody sees, Little miracles into the crystal are all you need, And the place into the past you're engineering, Can't work without the life already had


released November 2, 2021

Written, Performed, and Recorded By Jessy Ribordy
Album Art: Sarah Lynch


all rights reserved



Gloomcatcher Portland, Oregon

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